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Tom Concannon

Tom he is a fourth generation Californian, born and raised in Livermore. Tom's great grand-father, James Concannon, founded Concannon Vineyard in 1883, which is owned by the Wine Group today and hold distinction as a California Historic landmark. Tom likes to play golf with Teri, enjoys downhill skiing and harvesting his own protein, read: hunting and fishing.

Teri Tith

Born in Los Angeles, California, Teri grew up in the sunshine state playing a lot of volleyball on the beach in Santa Barbara where she attended high school. She is first generation Cambodian-American on her father's side and a fifth generation Irish-American on her mother's side. Her great-great-grandfather, Patrick Fahey, fought in and was injured at the Battle of Shilo during the Civil War and was honorably discharged before he settled in Kansas. Teri likes to play golf with Tom, and enjoys blogging and bird watching. She created the blog, Peggy's Place, in memory of her mother-in-law, Peggy Concannon.

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